Meditation is food for the soul.


The benefits of meditation

The joy that comes in meditation is permanent.


Heightens self-awareness and acceptance

Increases empathy and compassion

Promotes happiness and well-being

Calms stress and anxiety

Reduces chronic pain

Enhances immunity and heart health

Improves sleep and circulation

Meditating together

Meditation Schedule

Meditation Schedule

Meditation schedule will resume when the Center more fully re-opens

Introduction to Meditation

Monthly Two-Class Series

For those who seek to de-stress and to gain some peace of mind as well as for those seeking a deeper understanding of their true nature.

Silent Meditation

Wednesday Evenings 5:00-5:30

This weekly meditation is free and open to anyone looking for a peaceful and spiritually nourishing environment in which to turn within.

Sunday Meditation

Sunday mornings 10:30-12:15

Meditation program open to the public most sunday mornings, includes kirtan, meditation, arati, and prayer for world peace.

The mind becomes still in the Self

When meditation is mastered
The mind is unwavering
Like the flame of a lamp
In a windless place.

Bhagavad Gita