Open the heart.
Lift the spirit.
Stir the soul.

Kirtan Concerts

Kirtan is a prayer, a meditation, an expression of one’s yearning for connection with the Divine.​ These sacred call-and-response chants resonate with a subtle but exquisite energy that quiets the mind’s chatter and lifts the participant into a meditative state.

Dhyanyoga Center’s kirtan band, Suranand, hosts regular kirtan at the Antioch Center. Donations gratefully accepted. Kirtan will resume when the Center re-opens.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Kirtan Recordings

A taste of kirtan shared by some Antioch chanters to keep you going until we can resume kirtan at the Center.
Enjoy streaming these as often as you like. Donations gratefully accepted below.
If you love kirtan, you might like these Dhyanyoga Centers albums, available as CD or download

Home is in Her Eyes

From the tender devotion of the title song Home is in Her Eyes, to the melodic love song to Lord Ram, Suranand Kirtan Band weaves a diversity of voices and instruments through this set of original and traditional heart-songs, ending with a meditative arrangement of Sita Ram Nama Bhajo.

Shiva Aashish

In this beautifully produced recording, Shri Anandi Ma transports us with chants to Lord Shiva brimming with love and devotion. Shri Anandi Ma is joined by Gauri Aggarwal, who leads the lovely chant Shiva Sundara. The CD ends with a joyous Shiva Arati.